Spiralizing Breakfast

Back at it again.. and obviously playing with my tool the spiralizer. Let’s talk about the spiralizer – legit coolest kitchen tool I’ve bought for under $40 ever.

Before i start …this whole meal took approx. 25 minutes…which was glorious after a tough wod and no time.

If you click the picture you will land at the recipe from this awesome blog called inspiralized (click the picture for the recipe/blog). I did add a few things differently- mostly just some extra veggies to my mixture (red peppers, mushrooms, onions, garlic, spinach). Then i added in some ham on that pan too! I also topped off the egg and everything else with a few pieces of fresh basil ripped up and tossed on top.


Bottom: Spiralized sweet potato
Middle: veggies with bacon/ham mixtures
top: egg
Very top: basil

I also added some chololua and pepper to mine 🙂

yum yum yum!


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