Burger with a Sweet Potato Bun

So I am back at it again…and still obsessed with my spiralizer! So just to give you an idea, if you click the picture you will find a recipe to make the awesome sweet potato buns…

This is actually hilarious – so we don’t own any ramekins or whatever they are. But seriously, do I look like a make souffles? So instead of letting them sit in one of those I found similar sized bowls and made them in that. I used my silicone spatulas to shape the noodles into a circle. I tossed on some wax paper and topped with cans of tuna fish (why my house has 4+ cans of tuna is unknown to me).

Another side note – I had to double the recipe(ish) since I made two of these. I used one large and two smaller sweet potatoes (small being the ones you get in the bag from Trader Joes).

I also most likely used more oil than necessary and adjusted the spices (by scent). I also used two eggs and one egg white for the buns.  I was lazy and just grabbed a raw burger from wholefoods- it was on sale!

The tricky part with all of this was timing and making sure I let everything cook long enough. I made the bacon in one pan and while that was cooking on LOW, I made the burgers. Since its too cold/was too dark to grill, I used a bit of olive oil and let the pan heat up. Then I tossed the burger on and set my timer to make sure I cooked each side for 5 minutes – this worked and it was done! Once those were out and the bacon was done I went back to the buns. I cleaned the pan and coated with a bit of oil. I tossed on the buns and set a timer for 4 minutes for each side on low/medium. I flipped a few more times than necessary because I just wanted to double check that it was really taking shape and cooked through.

Finally, I had bun, burger, ketchup, bacon, fresh tomato, avocado, topped with sweet potato and a pickle on the side.

I was super full halfway through so you don’t really need a side dish – the whole thing took about 45 minutes!


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