Stuffed Chicken Breast with Ham & Spinach

This is a Paleologoy original! I needed to make something in under an hour that would satisfy some serious hunger. This did the trick! I preheated the oven to 350 and defrosted two pieces of chicken breast.

I cut the chicken breast by making a little pocket. I stood the chicken breast up and cut a knife down making this pocket. I then chopped up some slices of ham (about 4) and a bunch of spinach (about a handful). I mixed that all up and then slowly filled my chicken breast pocket. I made them compact but not overflowing.

Once my chicken was filled I poured a little EVOO on them and dashed some salt and pepper. Last but not least I wrapped one slice of Applegate Farms bacon around the chicken breast. I tossed this all in the oven and within about 45 minutes I had a delicious meal!

Don’t hesitate to get creative!


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