My First Soup – Thanks PaleOMG

So I made my first soup- Cauliflower & Artichoke, topped with Bacon! I used my new blender, but lack a way to steam veggies, so the picture above is what I rigged up. I tossed a cover on the colander and boom – steamed cauliflower.

PaleOMG got this recipe so right! I followed hers almost exactly except, I didn’t have any chicken on hand so I made some extra bacon and tossed in a handful of spinach and mushrooms – who said extra veggies was a bad idea …oh yeah, no one ever.

The recipe made about 2 servings and filled me up. If you were wondering, this took me approximately 20 minutes to make. It all depends on how long the cauliflower/bacon take, other than that its just blending.

Don’t forget to top with Siracha!


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