Work off this: PaleOMG Buffalo Chicken Meatza

Stuck on what to make on a Friday night? I suggest this gem.  Meat on Meat with some sweet potato and Franks? I can get down with that.

I didn’t make any alterations to this one except for the fact that I didn’t have Parsley. Oh and the timing of the recipe was a bit off, once I put everything together I cooked it for about 8 minutes or more and not 5.

Click on the picture to let my main lady, PaleOMG help you out on mastering this staple.

A good thing to note is how to make a meatza in general, you need a meat base and some toppings, I have definitely played with this before and mixed pork/beef as a base and used sauce on top with some veggies…use this idea as a starting point and then get creative!

Eat up friends.


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