Stuffing You Wont Regret.


PaleOMG really saved my life last year with this amazing stuffing.  I highly recommend you make it for the holiday potluck and prove to everyone that Paleo can be delicious. (I did this last year and wow-ed a lot of people). Also, for someone like me who doesn’t like onions, this recipe makes me have a change of heart toward them.  Click on the picture to go to this 2012 classic.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and enjoyed him or herself. This is one of those holidays where I try to be “Paleo-conscious” but am not as “strict” as usual. There are times in life where you just have to live and if that means having a little stomach ache after eating those dairy filled mashed potatoes or deliciously warm dinner roll – so be it.

Paleo is something that you can make a lifestyle, but until I make the entire meal myself, I doubt having a complete Paleo Thanksgiving will ever happen. People sneak dairy and grain into everything – heck even the gravy has flour in it and the broccoli was covered in butter.  But you need to look at in a different way and remember that this is one day. ONE DAY out of the entire year. Live it up! Don’t freak out about the small stuff and remember the “clean” eating will be there in less than 12 hours – just make sure to get back on the bandwagon.  (Also I am not saying eat 10 rolls and have nine heaping scoops of bread stuffing – just reminding you to live a little).

What are you thankful for? That is the question we were all asked at some point today. I don’t know if I can really put into words what I am thankful for. I could go with the traditional – family, friends, and my career. I could go with the “deeper thoughts” like my independence, my confidence, my newfound self-assurance.  I could go in the direction of weird and profess my love for mason jars, coffee and my dates with a barbell a few times a week.  Life is a great and we need to remember that. Reading a good friend’s blog post “Gratituesday” really got me thinking.  You need to remember to slow down and realize how great everything is around you, right now, at this very moment. Take a moment to read her post and then go cook up some stuff and take note of how great you and everything around you is.



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