A Snowy Banana Pancake Morning

20140103-101556.jpgSo when you are snowed in and don’t have a meeting until 9, what do you do to multi-task? I make pancakes :-), with a side of bacon of course! I brewed up a pot of coffee, pressed play on my Jack Johnson spotify station and tossed all the ingredients in the blender.  Once I had a batter, I put my bacon in a small pan (I only made 3 pieces) on super low heat so they could slowly cook while I made the pancakes.

2 Bananas
2 eggs
1/3 cup Almond Butter
a good dash of Cinnamon
Lots of coconut oil

To make the pancakes I kept the pan on low – I’d say between 3&4 on my 9 dial (9 being hi and 1 being low). Every time I’ve gone higher I’ve burnt them, so this was today’s sweet spot. I covered the bottom of the pan with coconut oil and made smaller pancakes – about 2 a batch. I let them sit until they had lots of bubbles on the top and then flipped them. I waited about 2 minutes and then done! I added coconut oil throughout so they wouldn’t stick. Overall this took me about 20 minutes to use the whole batter and I had enough pancakes for myself and 2 other family members.

Enjoy and stay warm!


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