When food is too much work…


When cooking became too much work it was time to improvise. The other night I was wandering around my kitchen picking at everything. Everything meaning deli meats, leftover pulled pork, blueberries – basically anything that was Paleo and in my sight.

My decision – pick at protein and make a fruit smoothie for dinner.

I don’t measure my smoothies but what was in it you ask?

Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk
1 Banana
1 heaping tsp almond butter
a few drops  of Vanilla Extract
a dash of cinnamon
1 mango
a handful of frozen berries

Oh and everything tastes better out of a mason jar – so I put my smoothie in my mason jar (after giving my sister about half a cup) and stuck a straw in it. Hellloooo Dinner!


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