Make this tonight.

20140113-084604.jpgHoly Crap. This recipe is amazing. This meal is delicious. It’s so delicious that I am actually excited to have some of the leftovers for lunch and I just finished eating my breakfast.  My girl Juli- aka paleOMg – has been crushing my blog lately. I’ve been using her recipes – old and new- and her book to help me survive this 30 day challenge…in style.

The recipe for this..

Spaghetti Pie (aka Pizza Casserole) is amazing.  The only thing I did differently was not add cheese but instead at broccoli, mushrooms and fresh basil. I added this stuff in when the meat/onion/pizza sauce was basically ready to go. I just wanted to make sure that my veggies were soft-ish.

I think you could make any style of your favorite pizza dish in this way.  I highly suggest trying to make this one and believe me your whole family will love it…to quote, my mom even said “I could eat this all day.”


Now go to the grocery store, pick up that spaghetti squash, organic pizza sauce (its the only one without corn syrup), your favorite veggies and start cooking.

Tip – if you know how to make spaghetti squash in the microwave, it might speed this recipe up a bit. I don’t know how to make it that way but I prefer to always use the oven instead.


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