The Breakfast of Champions – Sweet Potato Casserole

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So I wasn’t going to post this one but everyone who has seen me eat it at work has commented on it and my friend’s who I have generously given a bite to seem to be BIG fans.  It all started when my good friend Jenna sent me this website: with the message “game-changer.” I was checking out some of the website’s recipes while waiting for my friend’s heat at a recent Crossfit competition. This one seemed easy with minimal ingredients that I needed to spend my tiny wallet on – click the picture for the “Paleo Hungry Man Sweet Potato Casserole” recipe. I kept very close to this recipe and was VERY generous with my spices – to be honest I was a little worried about the cayenne pepper so I was a bit stingy – I rather add Frank’s Red Hot later than be unable to eat my meal at all.

Speaking of following directions I semi failed at doing this on this one. First, I think dicing bacon before frying is impossible and a complete pain. So what do I do when a recipe calls for it? Cook the bacon on low and add in an extra piece – why that one extra – well to snack on or add in…duh! When the bacon is done I put it on a paper plate with a paper towel and once it’s cool THEN dice it up – I am convinced this has the same effect and it makes me significantly less frustrated.  Second mistake, only after this bad boy was sitting/cooking for 2 hours did I realize that I never peeled or softened the sweet potatoes- whoops. But nonetheless it all came out fine and it tasted a delicious. Maybe I just sliced them thin enough?

Once the six hours were up I took out the ceramic part of the crock-pot with the cover and put it directly in the fridge.

This makes a TON of servings. I gave my friend a whole section of it and I still have enough to eat for breakfast for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday ( I think I have enough for a breakfast on Friday but honestly eating the same thing 5 days in a row is tough so I will probably make some hard-boiled eggs for Friday).

Try it out – it’s quick and scrumptious! 

Also I am planning on making this one again so if you have any ideas feel free to share them!


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