Turkey Chili for the Hungriest People

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Recently a good friend reached out to me about cooking something to eat over the next couple of days. You know when life is just too busy and you need something to get you through – well hey this inspired my latest bulk creation! I whipped up this starch, protein filled chili to carry that friend through the week(ish) depending on how much you take per serving.

If you click on the picture you will see the recipe I worked off.  But now it’s time to list out the changes:

  1. I used 3 pounds of Turkey
  2. I used 1 green pepper
  3. No celery and zucchini will be found here.
  4. I only had mini carrots – I chopped about 1/3 of the bag.
  5. 3 Garlic Cloves (one was tiny)
  6. 2 – 28 oz cans of diced tomatoes
  7. no diced green chilis-  I couldn’t find them 😦
  8. about 3 TBSP of chili powder ( and I dash when it was almost done)
  9. I winged the salt amount
  10. No honey! – I added a dash of cinnamon – that’s my secret ingredient.
  11. I added in about 3 of those small sweet potatoes from Trader Joes.

Order of operations – I browned the turkey, added in the onion, carrots and sweet potatoes, then once those were mixed in well tossed in all the other ingredients (ending with the spices). I mixed it up and kept it on low for about 30 minutes stirring every 8 minutes-ish until the sweet potatoes and carrots were soft.

I just finished the small bowl I took before giving this away – yum and the small bowl filled me up- NO QUESTION about it!

Gobble Gobble.


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