Paleo Comfort Foods: Chicken Fingers


These were a huge hit yesterday among  my family and my friends (on instagram). Click on the picture for the recipe I used for this Almond Chicken Fingers – with a bit of a kick. It was snowing, I couldn’t go the gym and I needed some comfort food.  I had some chicken breast – which usually I am against these days because I prefer to cook with thighs all the time – and while my sisters, my mom and I played cards against humanity I let these bad boys bake.  the only changes I really made was cooking them for about 40 minutes at 300 degrees. Why such a low temp? I had sweet potato chips on the top rack of the oven – I am very serious about mastering my “chip” recipe.  I am not completely happy with those I make from my Chip post and  am working on perfecting it.

I ate a bunch of these and had a few leftover for snacks today!


Hopefully my friend Kate makes a guest post soon on her sweet potato chip recipe so I can follow it!


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