Butternut Squash Noodles Chorizo Skillet

20140203-220810.jpgTo make this tastiness I must start with the how the heck you spiralize a butternut squash – shiz ain’t easy. Don’t worry Inspiralized has some step by step instructions – oh and you really need to put some muscle in it.

Now here is the recipe.  What did I change you ask?

1. I didn’t measure any spices or oils – whoops!
2. I didn’t have Red Pepper Flakes ( I need to remember to pick those up)
3.  I definitely used more olive oil than required and it came out delicious,
4. I used two Chorizo sausages from whole foods.
5. I didn’t measure the butternut squash I just noodled a medium sized one!
6. I used a full avocado – hey I like my fat.
7. I don’t do cheese so no cotija for me!
8. I cut all my tomatoes in half – whoops! I need to learn to read instructions.

This is soo good. I have enough butternut squash/chorizo mix for lunch tomorrow and I am super excited about it. The egg is such a great touch and I topped mine with some extra S&P and then some Siracha- SPICY.

Get a spiralizer and have fun with veggies!


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