Egg Cups with a Strip of Bacon (inside)


These were super easy and a great thing to prep. I have another recipe for these on this site somewhere. To start just preheat that oven to 350. I put a slice of bacon in each  muffin tin to be “crust” I let those cook while i sauteed the kale, mushrooms and broccoli on top of the stove in a frying pan with a bit of coconut oil.

When the bacon was almost cooked it formed a mini bacon ribbon in each cup. I took the pan out and got my egg mixture ready.  I whisked together 8 eggs, tossed in my sauteed ingredients that were almost cooked and poured that mixture into 12 muffin tins. I cooked them for about 20 minutes…and boom I had breakfast for 4 days this week. I had 3 per day with a side of fruit for breakfast. So good!


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