Spiralized Side Dish


Interesting side dishes! I had this epic pork chop from wholefoods and nothing to go with it. So I made this fantastic side dish and it went perfectly!

What I used:

1 sweet potato
2 apples
small handful of mushrooms
two handfuls of spinach (ripped)
Coconut oil

How to:

1. Spiralize your sweet potato and place in a bowl.
2. Heat up some oil on a big frying pan.
3. Toss your sweet potato into the oil and mix.
4. Once your sweet potato begins to cook down and the noodles are a little softer toss in your mushrooms and apples and mix it up.
5. Once the apples are cooked a bit toss in your spinach.
6. Keep cooking until it’s the softness you’d like and then put it along side a great piece of pork.

Eat it up!


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