Pork and Peaches!

IMG_7546.JPGWhy yes their is a boneless pork chop under all those peaches….

I don’t really like pork chops, I wont lie about it, but I do absolutely love this recipe. 

Check it out here. 

I stayed the course with this one for the most part. I cooked the pork chops alone a little longer solely because I kept the pan on medium/low.  I only had 3 pork chops but followed the recipe closely and I add a full can of Chicken stock (it was a smaller one and basically i had a few tablespoons left after the 1 cup anyways – didn’t want to waste it!)

I was starting to question this whole thing when my sauce was not very saucy. I let more of the water-type stuff evaporate and then put a bunch of peaches on the pork chop… OH MAN! This was delicious.

I ate it up while watching the Emmy’s and I had to refrain from eating them all so I could have a lunch for today. #winning


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