Chicken bacon Alfredo “pasta”

IMG_7868-0.PNG Lately, I  have been eating all of the gourds. Why? They are cheap. Living on my own for the first time, living in a new city and learning how to eat healthy and grocery shop for myself have all been a new adventure. When it comes to food, I’ve taken to googling which types of veggies will be on sale before I enter the store so I know what I am making for the week. It’s fall here which means squashes, apples, potatoes and broccoli are all on sale EVERY TIME!

For this particular squash lovin’ meal you use two different types of squashes which makes it double the fun! Also, in terms of this particular recipe (Located here), I did not have chicken tenders. It was one of those moments when you go shopping for a meal and think you have something hanging out in the freezer  then you walk in the door and say “Sh*T.”  To fix this, I used two huge chicken sausages and just broke up the meat/cut it up so that it was spread out throughout the entire bowl. I also tend to add in extra veggies into these types of meals. For this particular batch, I added in broccoli and mushroom because when the ratio is more veggies than meat it makes me feel better.

Paleomg is withoutadoubt my favorite website for paleo recipes, not only because they all taste delicious and are super good but they are all morph-able.  Her recipes are great starting points for you to start innovating yourself and tweaking based on your personal preferences.

My only issue with this recipe is that I tend to make a mess and use lots of bowls, pans, etc. So please remember to clean up as you go!

PS – this lasted for about 4+ meals for me, so it’s great for meal prep!


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