Freshest Of breakfast

IMG_7870-0.PNGWhat is the one thing I do not mess around with – BREAKFAST! This meal really isn’t anything special, it just looks beautiful which is why I chose to share it with all of you. I like to make my Saturday breakfast look pretty and eat it alongside a banana and a great cup of coffee.

So what is this made up of:

1. Put some spinach on the bottom of a plate

2. Chop a tomato and put it around the side of the plate.

3. Make 3 slices of bacon (because Bacon is the best).

4. In the bacon grease cook up some broccoli – this was the only veggie I had and it was on it’s way to going bad so I decided to add it into breakfast.

5. Put the veggie mix and bacon on top of the spinach.

6. OPTIONAL: Sprinkle some cheese on it (Not completely Paleo but completely delicious)

7. Make two eggs – Sunny-side Up!

8. Top with fresh parsley and a little hot sauce

9. NOM


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