Meal Prep 101: Breakfast Lasagna

IMG_7747.JPGI don’t have much to say about this meal except for that this was a great meal to use for meal prepping. Obviously it is another PaleOMG masterpiece – find the recipe for this breakfast lasagna here.  I did find that mine was a bit more soupy and too onion-y, but then again I hate onions so I obviously noticed that first. Mine also looks nowhere near as beautiful as hers but nonetheless it was delicious.

Even though it wasn’t as beautiful and a bit more soupy this lasted me for 4 days! 4 days of breakfasts!  Next time I’d go light on the onions and bulk up on the mushrooms. Also I am sure you can find a way to add greens to it (for me, I’d add spinach to the eggs).

Spice this one up as you wish and enjoy!


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