Baking But Not Attempt #1438490

IMG_7952.PNG So I am going to come right out and say it – I am  not a good baker. I cannot measure things ppreciselynor stay focused long enough to bake anything. Brownies from a box – disaster, cookies from those break and bake situations –  burnt bottoms. BUT, every once and I will I feel the need to attempt a paleo treat. Something to curb my need for sweets (which I hardly eat due to my lack of skill).

Let’s set the scene for why I attempted to bake – it was the day after Halloween – I had spent approx 6 hours just in bed watching Netflix (I started breaking bad) and if I have to explain to you why I was in bed for six hours you simply do not understand me.  I did a roommate voyage, yes a voyage, to Trader Joes at around 5 PM and at this point I knew I was not going back out once I made it home. This all lead me to buying the ingredients (ish) that I needed for this deliciousness.

Though my picture is not nearly as beautiful as hers – here is the full recipe for your entertainment.  One thing I’ve definitely learned when baking/non-baking sweat treats – make sure you have all the ingredients. For this guy, I didn’t have parchment paper, nutmeg, ground cloves, or powered ginger – oh t hat’s half the spices- GREAT!

However, even lacking all of these key ingredients and for some reason having my mixture not actually come out like bars, this stuff tastes awesome. I keep cutting out a little scoop each  night and just eating it off the spoon – why you ask? because why the heck not! It’s the perfect hint of sweetness to be satisfied but not over kill.

Make this – with all the ingredients – or without and you will not regret it!





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