Sausage/Pepper/Onions gone Paleo

2015/01/img_8481.jpgI am back! Another Paleo challenge has brought me back to this blog and back in the kitchen (doing the damn thing). I can’t say I  haven’t been cooking, but I have definitely been slacking on the paleoness and the posting. I apologize friends.

  • I used ground pork sausage with some spices and roasted red pepper.
  • I added a can of diced tomatoes with green chilies.
  • Added in some mushrooms
  • Used a little bit more garlic
  • Only used one red pepper.

This is a prime example of you DO NOT need everything for a particular recipe in order to make it. Improvise! Use what is in your fridge and make it work!

The only thing you do need for this plate of deliciousness is a spiralizer. Just buy one. They are ~$30 on Amazon and I use mine at least once a week.

* One thing to note on this recepie – it may be helpful to actually measure your red pepper flakes…mine had a pretty strong kick 🙂


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