Do you like Turnip?

2015/01/img_8512.pngSo this is the first time in my paleo cooking career (besides making cookies) that I think I’ve failed. Not necessarily at cooking or making something but failing in the sense of discovering I do not like a food. This food happens to be the base of this meal. I was seriously debating posting this because I assumed you’d ask – why the hell is she posting something that didn’t taste good – well friends, it may taste good to you and just not to me!

I used this recipe and it was relatively easy to the follow. The only piece I skipped was the cheese in the pesto. The pesto! The pesto was the best part of this recipe and I am THRILLED to see how quick and easy that was too make. I can’t wait to make more pesto and then just use it in other meals :-).

Some watch outs: this recipe makes a massive portion so be prepared to eat a lot of Turnip and Broccoli.

I ate this meal (partially) but to be honest, Turnip, just really is not my thing. I understand that others may like it and to be frank I was SUPER excited to try it out.  Hey, now I know.  The worst part of this is I now have it sitting in the fridge – and I can’t help but want to toss it out. Maybe I will. I always feel super guilty throwing away food but really, I don’t think I will touch it again.  I thought I had won once I got past just the smell of the raw turnip – I was wrong.

If you like turnip – this recipe is the bomb – if you don’t know, try it.


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