Leftovers + Breakfast for Dinner


What did I eat for dinner last night? This. It looks like a masterpiece – what is really is  leftovers and a little new.

Sweet Potato Chips that failed to be “chippy”
Small piece of grilled Steak

4 slices of bacon
2 eggs
1/2 Avocado

What I did?

Throw 4 slices of bacon on a frying pan on medium-low. While those were cooking I diced up the leftover steak and diced up some basil.  When the bacon was done I removed those from the pan and put it on some paper plates with napkins. I then tossed in the steak for 1-2 minutes (really just to heat it up). Then I whisked the two eggs together ( I added a little Cayenne Pepper) and poured them over the steak, added the basil on top, took a handful of spinach and ripped it up over the eggs and mixed. When the eggs were done I added those to a plate and put the bacon next to it. Then, I used the same pan and tossed in the sweet potato chips – to heat them up. While this happened I cut an avocado and sliced half of it onto my plate. Once the sweet potato was hot I added those to my plate.


See what you can do with leftovers? – They can always be used!


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