Artichokes, Chicken, Sweet Potato Noodle Spectacular

20140225-205926.jpgThis was beyond delicious. It does take a bit of time and I added some stuff so make sure to lean in and really check out how I switched this one.  The first thing I changed was – no red onion – get that ish OUT of here. Instead, I used mushrooms – totes a great substitution. I spiralized 5 mini sweet potatoes (it fed my sister, mom, myself and I have enough for lunch tomorrow). I used 1.15 lbs of chicken (aka 2 breasts) and I didn’t have any red pepper flakes – whoops!

The largest change I made was adding in bacon. I did this by cooking the bacon first and then when it was very close to being done I took it off the burner. I got rid of some of the extra bacon grease and added a bit of olive oil to the pan. I tossed in 2 cloves of garlic and then the mushrooms. Once everything was cooked down a bit I added in a can of diced tomatoes with oregano, salt, pepper and onion powder (to  make up for my lack of red onion). While the chicken breast finished up in the oven (those took a bit longer than the artichokes) I mixed in the sweet potatoes and occasionally covered it for a few minutes at a time.  I made sure  I didn’t over cook the noodles – they should be softer but not necessarily mushy.

I mixed in the artichokes, diced up the bacon and put the slices back in. Then when the chicken was done I cut it into slivers while it was super hot. I diced this up as much as possible and then mixed it all together.  I topped the dish with some parsley and boom – delicious dinner!

(Click the picture for the recipe I worked off)


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