Butchers and The Most Annoying Vegetable.


Today I practiced what I’ve told many paleo-eaters who are sick of eggs for breakfast. What do I tell them?

Your body only sees food as food. It’s fuel to keep everything running. The idea of breakfast food, is something we’ve made up. Our minds tell us to eat waffles for breakfast and steak and asparagus for dinner.”

 Today I took exactly what I’ve told many put it into action. Below is my not only my dinner from last night but my breakfast this morning.

So what do we got? Let’s start with the protein, we have us a great cilantro and Lime Turkey Tip from The Meat House in Beverly. I bought a Groupon and let me tell you – well worth it.

Next  we have this amazing side dish! It’s the “Spicy Baked Cauliflower and Sweet Potatoes” from my girl PaleOMG. I need to vent quickly – I hate making cauliflower rice. I hate it. My food processor makes it into a mess, I have to do one head of cauliflower in batches and it’s downright painful.  So last night as I was thinking about a side dish, I was staring at my head of cauliflower about to go bad on the kitchen table thinking – if only this could magically turn into cauliflower rice.  I was so frustrated and googling like crazy for ideas that I resorted to this old gem that I forgot I had made before. The prep for this recipe was SUPER easy.

A few changes (of course):

  • I used about 1/4 of a yellow onion
  • I went light on the cayenne pepper (I don’t like too too much spice)
  • I didn’t have red pepper flakes – whoops!

It came out delicious and it was perfect for dinner last night and for breakfast this morning!

If anyone out there has some awesome cauliflower recipes that don’t take too much time please share them so I don’t waste another 20 minutes of my life just googling at my kitchen table – much appreciated!


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