Lazy Breakfast For Dinner


Sometimes you just need to eat and sometimes you don’t want to think.  This exactly what happened here. Last night I have a giant egg scramble with some lovely pieces of bacon (about 4).

what you need..
– 4 slices of Bacon
– 3 eggs whisked
– a few pieces of broccoli
– 1 tomato
– a small handful of mushrooms
– 3 teaspoons of Paleo pesto (you can make it or pay $9.99 at wholefoods  – which I did when I realized their was a pre-made pesto with no cheese!)

To make this I cooked my bacon first. Once the bacon was crispy, I dumped out some of the leftover grease but not all – that is what I cooked my eggs in. I turned the stove onto low and I added in the broccoli and mushrooms first to let those cook down. Then, once the broccoli was soft, I added in the eggs, tossed on the tomato and let that set. Once it looked like it was cooking through I added in my pesto and then scrambled aka mixed everything. I kept doing that until the eggs were cooked – then I ate it.



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