Artichoke pesto pasta

IMG_7748.JPGSo I am really trying to get back to eating Paleo 90% of the time and I am not going to lie, doing this while living in Chicago is TOUGH. Pizza is basically its own religion out here and all  I want to do is eat cheese curds, pretzel buns and enjoy weird mac and cheese combos. What is helping me stay on some sort of track is meal prepping, or rather making a large meal, and eating the same thing for a few days. It’s helped me survive through lunch and breakfast the past few weeks.  This particular “pasta” lasted 3-4 days so that was awesome.

This is another classic case of my meal does not look nearly as beautiful as PaleOMGs, but hey it still tasted delicious! Check out her beautiful masterpiece here.

I made this sauce in one of those quick one cup blenders – it was amazing! I didn’t think those smoothie makers would work to grind everything but it surprised me.  This meal also fell into my week of gourds – for this one – spaghetti squash was the main fall component.

I obviously added in more veggies – mushrooms are somewhere in here and I added some fresh tomatoes on top 🙂



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